Press Releases

  • IOM Rehabilitates and Constructs the Biggest Cattle Market in Darfur

    To support communities in East Darfur State, IOM with the generous funding support of the European Union, constructed and rehabilitated the Abu Matarig Cattle Market in Bahr El Arab Locality (Bordering with South Sudan). The establishment of the market aims to foster relationships among communities by facilitating cross-border trade and commerce in order to help revitalize economic activity and prevent conflict. The consturction and rehabilitation of Abu Mararig Market includes new offices, police check points, latrines and fencing constructed by IOM including the in kind contribution of the State Ministry of Finance towards extending the fences surrounding the market area.

  • The Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security Signs a 479, 616 USD Agreement with IOM to Enhance Protection and Knowledge on the Risks of Irregular Migration in Sudan

    The Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security and the International Organization for Migration signed a 4,000,000 NOK (479, 616 USD) Agreement to fund the one year Phase III "Enhancing Protection and Improving Knowledge on the Risks of Irregular Migration in Sudan" Project. This Project will contribute to enhancing the protection of migrants by increasing their access to services and promoting alternatives to irregular migration.

  • IOM Sudan Completes Stories of Migration Art Workshop to Over 30 Migrants from 8 countries

    This year in Khartoum, in commemoration of the upcoming International Migrants Day on the 18th December, with the generous support of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation; IOM conducted a 5 day Stories of Migration Art Workshop with participation of over 30 migrants from 8 different countries. The participants were given two day painting and sketching technique training and the remaining 3 days they worked on producing artwork to reflect how they feel about migration and relay messages about their journeys and the challenges they face.

  • The United Kingdom Signs a New Agreement with IOM to Support Sudan’s Criminal Justice System in Addressing Human Trafficking

    The United Kingdom and the International Organization for Migration signed an agreement to support the Government of Sudan in continuing to develop initiatives that address human trafficking in the country. With funding from the UK, IOM Sudan will work with Sudan’s Ministry of Justice and the Judiciary to enhance the capacity of the criminal justice system by strengthening the investigation and prosecution of perpetrators, while providing a better understanding of the 2014 Anti-Trafficking legal framework to improve institutional coordination on the issue.

  • IOM Trains 19 Police Officers on Passport Examination in Khartoum

    19 officers from the Sudanese Police Force today completed a five-day course in passport examination and border management concepts and techniques. Funded by the Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development, the course is the second in a series of training courses being implemented by IOM in conjunction with the Ministry of the Interior in Sudan.