Finding Peace and a Place to Talk- the Story of a Victim of Trafficking

“When organizations try to help people like us, they think that all we need is food and shelter, but what I found in the MRRC is a place to talk. A place where I can finally tell someone about the terrible things I have been through,” stated Aster when asked what she thought of the services provided by the IOM Migrant Resource and Response Center in Khartoum, Sudan.

Aster, 22 years old, walked by foot from her hometown in a village not far from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to Sudan six years ago. Her family had helped her pay an Ethiopian man to take her and dozens of others from her village, all seeking to improve their lives, across the border to Sudan. Aster, along with the other women and men took the 8 day treacherous journey on foot through the borders of East Sudan and eventually to Khartoum. 

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