• IOM Sudan Newsletter October- December 2017

    Quarter Highlights:

    • IOM Sudan Resettles Over 2,000 Refugees to Canada in 2017
    • IOM Produces a Multi-Lingual Song to Celebrate Migration in Sudan
    • IOM and Norway Sign 4.3 Million NOK Agreement to Renew Support to IOM’s MRRC in Sudan
    • IOM Opens its first Migrant Guest House in Sudan
    • ​The Rapid Response fund allocates over $200,000 to prevent and treat acute watery Diarrhea in North Darfur
  • IOM Sudan Newsletter July- September 2017

    Quarter Highlights

    • Sudan Ministry of Interior in partnership with IOM Sudan address the modernization of Sudan VISA system in a brainstorming session
    • IOM Hosts its Third Media Forum to Discuss Migration Governance in Sudan
    • IOM Sudan Supports the First Training on a New Judicial Curriculum for Investigating and Prosecuting Trafficking in Persons
    • IOM and Government of Sudan Delegation Visit Tanzania to Discuss the Modernization of Border Management Systems and Practices
  • IOM Sudan Quarterly Newsletter April- June 2017

    This Quarter, highlighted the following:

    Sudan’s Federal Humanitarian Aid Commission and IOM Sign a Renewed Two Year Protocol of Cooperation. RRF Allocates $250,000 to Provide Non Food Items for around 1,500 Vulnerable and Conflict-affected Sudanese Families in Central Darfur. More than $200,000 Allocated for Emergency Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Assisting Over 11,500 Newly Displaced in South Kordofan. IOM Rehabilitates and Constructs the Biggest Cattle Market in Darfur.

  • IOM Sudan Quarterly Newsletter January- March 2017

    This Quarter, IOM Sudan organized the first National Conference on Youth Migration in the country to discuss safe migration, opportunities in Sudan and the role of the diaspora in the development of the country; with attendance of over 150 participants from 18 states across Sudan. In the first quarter of 2017, IOM also conducted several workshops with Sudanese civil society organizations, community leaders as well as trainings of Immigration Officers.


  • IOM Sudan Quarterly Newsletter October to December 2016

    The last quarter of 2016, commemorated new Project funding agreements with IOM Sudan worth approximately more than 4.4 million USD combined. Among those projects signed with IOM this quarter, UK funded Project to Support Sudan’s Criminal Justice System in Addressing Human Trafficking; the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation funding to Provide Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Services in East Sudan; as well as the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security funding to Enhance Protection and Improve Knowledge on the Risks of Irregular Migration in Sudan.


  • IOM Sudan Quarterly Newsletter July to September 2016

    IOM Sudan Chief Of Mission Remarks on the Positive Impact of Becoming a UN Related Organization

    “With this new relationship, IOM will have a seat at the UN table; a voice in dialogue; an open door to key policymaking bodies, access to information and funding; and greater opportunity to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals and to help migrants and Member States”

    Mario Lito Malanca- IOM Sudan Chief of Mission


  • IOM Sudan Quarterly Newsletter April to June 2016

    Under the theme of Media and Migration in Sudan, IOM hosted its first quarterly media forum on May 10th-11th 2016 at its offices in Khartoum. The first quarterly forum served to encourage an IOM partnership with Sudanese media that is based on a committed, positive, knowledgeable and influential narrative around migration, in addition to encouraging responsible media coverage of migration in Sudan. Over 25 media professionals participated in the forum including TV, radio, internet and print media and were given a chance to discuss issues related to migration in Sudan and globally.