Communities engaging in safe water and hygiene practices in Otash IDP Camp, South Darfur, September 2017

82,463 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) live in Otash Camp, South Darfur. In 2016, IOM and the Sudanese Government's Water Environment Sanitation Project assessed the existing problems in water collection, sanitation and garbage disposal. The teams identified four areas of intervention related to water management and hygiene. Check the video to know how IOM Sudan addressed these needs.

National Conference on Youth Migration March 2017

IOM Sudan organized the first National Conference on Youth Migration in the country to discuss safe migration, opportunities in Sudan and the role of the diaspora in the development of the country; with attendance of over 150 participants from 18 states across Sudan.

International Women day March 2017

On this day. IOM honours the role that migrant women and girls play in our societies. Join us in celebrating International Women's Day.

It's time to do more #ForMigration

Over 7000 migrants have died or gone missing in 2016. It is time to do more than count the dead.

Celebrating International Migrants Day Dec2016

At the stories of Migration Art Exhibition this Sunday 18th December 2016 at Dabanga Art Gallery in Khartoum, around 30 migrants produced their Art work from several countries including Kenya, Nigeria, DRC, Syria, Ethiopia and Somalia in a space where they shared their migration experiences especially with the risks faced in cases of irregular migration and understood how similar their stories can be.