Effective Humanitarian Response

IOM supports the Government of Sudan (GoS) in building its policies and technical capacity to effectively and humanely address the mobility dimensions of the crisis in Sudan, and to help the GoS fulfil its responsibilities to assist and protect vulnerable mobile populations in accordance with humanitarian principles.




  • Provided accurate, timely data through the Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) to help the GoS and humanitarian partners to respond to the needs of vulnerable; DTM verified 16, 950 families, registered 3, 996 families/24, 412 IDPs in Kordofan States; registered 7, 487 families/40, 263 returnees in Darfur and Kordofan states.
  • Trained HAC officials in DTM methodology to increase capacity in data collection and verification in order to assess needs and conditions of affected populations.
  • Coordinated with the Governments of affected nationals and multiple line ministries of the Government of Sudan to establish the Republic of Sudan as an evacuation hub, and evacuate 1,452 Sudanese citizens and Third-Country Nationals fleeing Yemen on 11 evacuation flights, to be returned to their countries of origin.
  • Facilitated a workshop in partnership with HAC on Disaster Risk Reduction to reduce/assess flood damage in North Darfur.Delivered essential WASH services to conflict affected persons.
  • Trained 5, 441 Community Health Workers and promoters in Zamzam IDP camp on health topics.
  • Supported CHW training in El Sereif camp in South Darfur – 156 in psychological first aid; 30 on health and hygiene practices and prevention of infectious diseases; 20 on immunization protocols.
  • Delivered NFI kits/emergency shelter, health or life-saving WASH services through the IOM managed Rapid Response Fund (RRF), reaching 118, 016 individuals.
  • Delivered basic health services to 20, 667 IDPs through a Primary Health Care Clinic managed by IOM at El Sereif Camp, South Darfur, and through the mobile clinic in Sayah, Malit locality, North Darfur.
  • Immunized 4,354 Under 5s in response to measles outbreak; another 4, 343 U5s vaccinated according to the EPI schedule. Identified and treated 712 cases of malnutrition through Outpatient Therapeutic Program (OTP)/community-based management for Acute Malnutrition in El Sereif camp, SD.
  • Facilitated a workshop in partnership with HAC on Disaster Risk Reduction to reduce/assess flood damage in North Darfur.
  • Provided one-month supplementary nutritional feeding to 720 pregnant and lactating women in North Darfur.
  • Supported delivery of six-day training on Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission (PMTCT) to IDP midwives; four days of peer education on HIV/AIDs to IDP youth; and 3 days of psychological first aid training.