IOM Sudan Annual report 2016

In 2016, IOM continued to assist people on the move across the country and beyond. With a commitment to improve the lives of migrants, IOM provided emergency humanitarian assistance to more than 1.8 million people among the 4.6 million affected population identified in the UN’s 2016 Humanitarian Response Plan for Sudan. The year was also marked by new innovative programming that supported recovery, strengthened stability, and promoted peace as a main factor for development and building social cohesion to avert future conflicts.

As part of the Government of Sudan’s efforts to curb irregular migration, reinforce its migration management and governance, IOM strengthened its support to the Government on border management through capacity building of immigration officers. In addition ongoing capacity enhancement activities were organized for the benefit of civil society and concerned authorities on the growing phenomenon of human trafficking and migrant smuggling. In a bid to minimize onward irregular migration, through Migrant Response and Resource Center, IOM intensified its awareness raising campaigns that reached thousands of migrants in need of assistance through the outreach activities.

IOM also worked in engaging Sudanese media in shaping public opinion on the added value of migration if managed effectively and regularly is a benefit to society. The Government of Sudan is also generously hosting a large number of refugees, mainly from neighbouring countries. Through its resettlement activities, IOM Sudan contributed to durable solutions for thousands of refugees hosted in Sudan facilitating their safe and orderly resettlement to third country destinations. In 2016, through its resettlement programme increase in caseloads bound for resettlement from Sudan as compared to the previous five years.

IOM Sudan Annual Report  2016