IOM Sudan DTM monthly report May 2018

A​ total of ​166,598 beneficaries were registered / verified / tracked since the begining of 2018, in which 123,246 (14,796 IDPs and 108,450 returnees) were properly registered, while the remain 44,878 individuals were tracked in different locations. From the total tracked beneficaries:

  • 7,914 were South Sudanese crossed the borders to Sudan via Abyie.
  • 35,347 were Sudanese returnees; in which (22,724 returned from Saudi Arabia, 12,623 returned to different areas in North Darfur and 1,617 to South Kordofan).

During May 2018, of total 80,568 beneficaries, 74,260 properly registered/ verfied and 6,308 were tracked by DTM teams in different areas. 

About 85% (63,441 indv) of the registered and verfied population during May were returnees while the 15% (10,819) remaining were IDPs.
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