IOM Sudan Monthly Newsletter September 2015

September Highlights

  • To support the transition and sustainability of returnees, IOM Sudan Return and Reintegration unit assisted 19 returnees with in kind contributions and cash packages. The 19 returnees returned from Egypt, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway and Indonesia.
  • To assist with resettlement and movement, IOM Sudan resettlement unit assisted with the documentation and travel arrangements for 246 individuals from Sudan to their country of resettlement, and facilitated the movement of 51 individuals to their country of resettlement.
  • To support transition and recovery of vulnerable communities, IOM provide clean water to 3,400 beneficiaries in El Qoz locality, South Kordofan State by drilled 3 Hand pumps.
  • To improve health and promote good hygiene practices, IOM constructed latrines for 11,500 people in El Sunt Market, improving the environmental hygiene and reduce risks of waterborne diseases.

“Migration is NOT a problem, but a phenomena. If regulated, migration presents marvelous opportunities of development through interconnecting people and the exchange of ideas from all across the globe. And that’s just one part of it.”