IOM Sudan Quarterly Newsletter October to December 2015

October to December Highlights

  • 215 young men and women participated in vocational trainings, increasing opportunities for income  generation in North Darfur
  • IOM Opens the First Migrant Resource and Response Center in Sudan in October 2015
  • IOM Facilitates Resettlement of 179 Refugees from Sudan to Germany
  • Celebrating International Migrants Day
  • Building Knowledge And Learning reached IDPs, urban youth and host communities, Sudanese diaspora, Community Health Workers and Promoters, Camp-based migrants and urban migrants adding to national authorities and Psychosocial workers.      


"We need to abandon the increasingly outdated concepts of ‘immigration’ and ‘emigration’ in favor of a more modern, more accurate concept of human mobility. We must remember that migrants improve the lives of millions of others through their work, the circulation of ideas and skills, and financial remittances"

IOM Sudan Chief of Mission Mario Lito Malanca