MCOF Sudan 2017 - 2019

In an effort to support the Government of Sudan (GoS) and its people to address the challenges and opportunities before, during and after a migration crisis, the IOM mission to Sudan has developed its Migration Crisis Operational Framework (MCOF) for 2017/2019 to align its programmatic development and approaches with the principles and objectives of good migration governance. This comprehensive document lays the ground work to address current and foreseen needs in the coming years in Sudan.  


This document is predicated on the continued collaboration of IOM with local and national governments, national and international partner organizations, civil society organizations, donors, international humanitarian systems, and local communities.

IOM has identified the required response areas (pillars) that span across and address all three phases of crises:

      Pillar I: Providing Effective Humanitarian Response

      Pillar II: Early Recovery and Transition

      Pillar III: Promoting National Ownership, Preparedness and Resilience 

To ensure a systematic and coordinated response, IOM uses the MCOF as a comprehensive tool to provide assistance across the 15 MCOF sectors representing IOM’s functional areas that combine humanitarian, transition and early recovery activities and migration management services. The document also takes into account Government and Humanitarian Country Team efforts to support multi-year humanitarian planning and assistance delivery, and facilitate early recovery, transition and durable solution approaches for strategic programming in 2017 -2019.  

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