Migrants in Sudan 2017


Migrants in Sudan: Pilot Study on Migrants’ Motivations, Intentions and Decision-Making in Khartoum

Description: The report presents the findings of a pilot study carried out in the context of the changing migration flow dynamics in the region, with an aim of filling in the persistent information gaps obstructing a clear understanding of migration along the Central Mediterranean route.

The study identifies several trends related to migration towards and through Sudan, an important country at intersection along various migration routes in the region. It explores the motivations and intentions of international migrants in Sudan, from the perspectives of migration towards Sudan, life after migration, and onward migration, to better understand their decision making. It also covers migration routes, questions on mode and means of information exchange and the possibility of return. The study was carried out, as an exploratory research, using mixed methods approach. It covers 308 migrants consisting of 291 migrants who participated in surveys and 17 migrants who were interviewed in the cities of Khartoum and Khartoum North.

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