Migration Management Development

IOM assists and fosters the Government of Sudan’s (GoS) efforts to establish an orderly, safe and responsible migration management system that assists all migrants and benefits Sudan’s development.


Directly assisted 104 vulnerable migrants including 27 victims of trafficking in psychosocial support and medical treatment or referrals.

Opened a Migrant Resource and Response Center (MRRC) supporting the GoS’s aims to effectively respond to migrant needs and protection related assistance.

Conducted 13 awareness raising/outreach sessions targeting a total of 340 migrants including youth, religious leaders and key members on the dangers of trafficking and irregular migration, and victim and vulnerability identification for referral to IOM for assistance.

Assisted 37 migrants to return to their countries of origin, with a comprehensive reintegration package.

Provided food and non-food items to vulnerable migrants, including children, staying at an Ethiopian Community Safe House.

Distributed 579 hygiene kits to vulnerable migrants, including victims of trafficking and migrants in detention.

Facilitated 2,057 migrants to resettle from Sudan, including documentation, transportation, cultural orientation, and medical assessment/assistance; the top 5 resettlement countries are Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Conducted Cultural Orientation Activities to 102 camp-based migrants and 365 urban migrants before resettlement to Canada.
Facilitated the return of 213 Sudanese returning to Sudan from 20 countries under IOM’s Assisted Voluntary Return (AVR) program; 101 were provided with reintegration assistance. 

Performed 4,426 health assessments in support of IOM’s facilitated resettlement, as well as other migration programmes through IOM’s in house Migration Health Department. 

Sent 12 members of the National Commission to Counter Trafficking (NCCT) on a Study Tour to Cairo to share experiences with Egyptian counter-parts and facilitate bilateral cooperation.

Supported the NCCT in training 28 psychosocial workers working with victims of trafficking, including children.

Delivered Anti-trafficking Act training to:  30 members of the Sudanese Bar Association; and to 30 investigating officers from the National Intelligence Directorate for Civil and Criminal Investigation.

Facilitated the temporary assignment of 20 members of the Sudanese diaspora to placements in Sudan from the Netherlands, UK, Sweden, Spain and Germany in order to contribute to the development of Sudan in the corporate governance, water, education, journalism and technology sectors (TQRN).