Abu Shouk IDP camp celebrates the official opening of its first Women’s Centre

Date Published: 
Jul 17 2016


On July 14th 2016, the local community of Abu Shouk IDP camp in North Darfur celebrated the official opening of the Women’s Centre in a small ceremony organized by the local Women’s Committee. The Centre was established with funding from the Government of Japan and in partnership with the North Darfur State Ministry of Social Affairs. The center has received sewing machines and other materials to support women in generating income, receiving training and promoting their self-reliance.

In February 2016, IOM established a Women’s Center in Abu Shouk IDP Camp in North Darfur. The center was handed over to the Ministry of Social Welfare in June 2016. It will not only provide a venue for community gatherings and sessions, but a place for women to receive training and produce and display their goods for sale.  The center can be used to hold awareness sessions, such as in cooperation with the Ministry of Health in the event of an outbreak and to conduct educational sessions. Consultations were held with women’s groups and camp management prior to the activity to identify the most suitable location for the center within the camp as well as the intended purpose. In 2014 and 2015, IOM – in partnership with the El Fasher Technical School under the Ministry of Education, trained women from Abu Shouk camp in tailoring and sewing techniques: the center will receive sewing machines to support those women to generate income and train other women in the camp. The population in Abu Shouk IDP camp is estimated at over 50,000 people.