Press Release —Local December 06, 2016

IOM Sudan completes a 6-day workshop with over 75 Community Members to Enhance Community Stabilization in Buram and Elradoom, South Darfur

As part of the EU funded “Providing Local Infrastructure and Empowerment for Cross Border Peace and Cooperation (CBPC) within Pastoralist and Sedentary Communities” Project in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Finance and Economic planning; 77 participants came together from different segments of the community to take part in a joint platform of a 6-day workshop aiming to enhance community stabilization through support to local and state authorities.

The audience consisted of the projects’ community improvement committees from Buram and ElRadoom as well as community police, state police, rural courts judges and representatives , prominent tribal leaders and civil society. The workshop was facilitated by the African Union United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID) and IOM, is the first of its kind in Buram, it addressed grass roots community conflict related issues amongst pastoralist and sedentary communities through identifying problems and their solutions using an interactive and participatory methodology. Through open dialogue, transfer of knowledge and exchange of experiences from different areas and fields, the participants displayed positive feedback and were enabled as community members to pave the way forward in implementing and developing communal cohesion and peaceful coexistence.