The Government of Sudan Launches its First National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Under the Auspices of the First Vice President and Prime Minister of Sudan and the supervision of the Minister of Justice, the second phase of the Sudan National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking was launched. With generous funding from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, this is the first national anti-trafficking plan to officially be endorsed by the Government of Sudan.

The Plan was initiated by the Government’s National Committee for Combating Human Trafficking (NCCT) with technical support from IOM Sudan which engaged an international expert to work closely with the Committee to produce it.

The launch was attended by the international donor community, embassies, UN agencies, representatives from GoS ministries and civil society organisations. Speaking as the chairperson of the NCCT and the Undersecretary to the Ministry of Justice, Mr. Ahmed Abbas Elrazam stated that "the National Action Plan is the product of a concerted effort to combat trafficking in human beings in terms of prevention, protection, prosecution and building partnerships. The Plan contains real directives to provide a basis for effective action in the future."

Speaking on behalf of IOM Sudan’s Chief of Mission, Mr. Norberto Celestino acknowledged the clear commitment the Government of Sudan has shown through the efforts to make this plan a reality, called on donors and civil society organisations to support the government in implementing it.

The main pillars of the Plan are prevention of human trafficking by reducing the number of people vulnerable to trafficking, raising public awareness and improving public engagement on the issue of human trafficking. On the other hand, the plan includes actions on protection, care and support for victims of trafficking by improving identification and referral of trafficked persons, guaranteeing protection of victims, and improving services received and training cadres working in this field. Also among the pillars is the investigation and prosecution of traffickers through strengthening the legal framework and enhancing the capacity of the criminal justice system to investigate, prosecute and punish traffickers and secure justice for victims. In addition to the importance of internal, regional and international partnerships and cooperation.

Immediately following the launch of the Plan, the NCCT will be conducting a series of briefing workshops and engage with the different state and non-state stakeholders to identify the areas and/or sectors which will play a role in the implementation of the Plan. The NAP launch was supported by IOM’s "Building regional and national capacities for improved migration governance in the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) region" programme, funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

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Download the Government of Sudan’s National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking: English and Arabic