IOM Sudan Completes Stories of Migration Art Workshop to Over 30 Migrants from 8 countries

Sunday, December 11, 2016

This year in Khartoum, in commemoration of the upcoming International Migrants Day on the 18th December, with the generous support of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation; IOM conducted a 5 day Stories of Migration Art Workshop with participation of over 30 migrants from 8 different countries. The participants were given two day painting and sketching technique training and the remaining 3 days they worked on producing artwork to reflect how they feel about migration and relay messages about their journeys and the challenges they face.

The art work produced during the workshop will be showcased in an exhibition on the 18th December, the International Migrants Day at 6.30 pm at Dabanga Art Gallery (Khartoum 2); planned and organised with the close follow up of all the participants. During the exhibition, a short documentary film about the participants will be screened and selected art work will be available for sale to help in generating much needed income for many of the participants.

With participants coming from Kenya, Nigeria, Eritrea, DRC, Syria, Ethiopia, Somalia and Sudan; the art workshop created a space to share their experiences especially (with the risks faced in cases of irregular migration) and understand how similar these experiences can be; providing a networking/partnership space between them and the associations/ communities they come from.

“This workshop was very good and was helpful to me because I understand now that migration isn’t always bad, and yes we miss our families and home but we made new friends from different places and we would never have met with them if it wasn’t for this workshop. We have also learned new art skills and can produce work that helps with our future income” Said Winta Twelde an Eritrean university student.