IOM Sudan Holds its Second Media and Migration Forum with 29 Sudanese Media Professionals

Thursday, October 13, 2016

A total of 29 Sudanese journalists, bloggers, and radio and TV presenters gathered to attend IOM Sudan’s second quarterly media forum this week. Funded by the US State Department Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration, this month’s media forum included an extensive roundtable discussion with IOM Sudan’s Chief of Mission, training on ethical journalistic reporting, a social media training and a tour of the organization’s Operations and Movement Management Unit.

IOM Sudan’s Chief of Mission, Mr. Mario Lito Malanca addressed the forum participants emphasizing the importance of media in creating a more responsible and positive narrative on migration in the country. Mr. Malanca also reminded all those present that we are not here to “combat migration but rather to manage it in a way that prioritizes the dignity of every single migrant and demonstrate the positive role that migration can have in this world if managed effectively

Samia Ibrahim Mohammed Salih, Political journalist at Al Nilan online paper; expressed her appreciation of the forum saying that it gave them a more comprehensive view of migration issues in Sudan and of the work being done by  IOM  to support the lives of migrants. She particularly enjoyed the social media training which introduced her to practical tools in improving her use of social media to reach a wider audience. “I have been to many trainings and forums in the past ten years of working as a journalist and this is by far the best I have attended” says Samia who looks forward to future media forums organized by IOM.

The ethical reporting training session, held by renowned Peter Mackler Award winning journalist, media trainer and monitor; Mr. Fasial Mohammed Salih who gave a brief on Sudanese media coverage of migration since the last forum. He also gave advice on how it can be improved in terms of ethical factors, such a verifying sources and improving the use of migration terminologies.

The Social media training was held by Ms. Omniya Shawkat, co-founder of Andariya, a bilingual digital cultural platform, which exposed and intrigued her interest to use social media platforms as a way to amplify voices from Sudan.

A Facebook group was created for the October and May 2016 forum participants to continue sharing media and migration related articles and materials so as to ensure more coordinated coverage and reach.  With the generous support of the US Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration; this is the second Media and Migration forum held regularly with Sudanese media professionals to ensure meaningful and ethical coverage of migration and wide reach to various audiences in Sudan.

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