IOM Sudan Resettles Forty Eight Refugees to Italy

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Forty-eight refugees from 12 Eritrean families departed from Khartoum International Airport to Rome Airport in Italy on two commercial flights organized by IOM. One flight took place on 26 July for 14 refugees (five families), and the other one on 28 July for 34 (seven families). Both caseloads are the first movements from Sudan to Italy under the Italian refugee resettlement quota system adopted in 2015.

Prior to their departure, IOM Sudan conducted a series of medical and operational activities to facilitate the refugees’ resettlement and integration in Italy. In accordance with the Italian medical protocol, health assessments were conducted by IOM Sudan, consisting of physical examinations, chest radiology and laboratory investigations to identify the caseload’s health needs and allow for treatment and follow up in Italy for those who require it. The assessments were also to ensure that all health-related travel, housing, and schooling needs were captured and shared with the Italian authorities prior to movement for resettlement purposes.

"We have waited years to start a new life in Italy, where my children can have a better future and fulfill our ambitions for a good education in a safe environment" says Letebirhan a wife and mother of two daughters and three sons.

IOM’s resettlement pre-departure activities also involved two sessions of three-day orientation on Italy, which were implemented by IOM Khartoum personnel with material support from IOM Rome. The orientation topics involved introducing refugees to Italian geography, political system, climate, and culture and, most importantly, customized information on each family’s protection system within the established Resettlement National Programme with the view to ease refugees’ integration in their new homes.

Resettlement is considered by the Government of Italy as a way to share responsibility with the Government of Sudan in protecting and offering a durable solution for refugees, by providing them with new life opportunities as citizens in Italy.

Sudan has continued to host migrants, among whom are refugees for over four decades. Since 2005, IOM Sudan has helped over 20,000 non-Sudanese refugees to resettle in 19 different destinations including North America, Europe, and the Pacific. The top 5 countries of resettlement for non-Sudanese refugees and asylum seekers travelling from Sudan are Canada, US, Australia, Sweden and Norway in that order, and together they account for over 85% of the resettled caseload from Sudan to date.

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