IOM Supports the Development of a Training Curriculum on Trafficking in Persons for the Sudanese Criminal Justice System

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Khartoum-a four day workshop to develop a curriculum for a training program for the Sudanese criminal justice system on dealing with criminal cases of human trafficking took place from 8th-11th May, with the technical assistance of IOM Sudan and in coordination with the Judicial and Legal Science Institute.  The workshop was funded by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office under IOM Sudan’s ‘Capacity-building of the Judicial System in Sudan to Address Trafficking in Persons’ Project.

27 participants representing the Judiciary, the Prosecution Officer, the Law Enforcement and the Ministry of Justice country-wide actively participated in conducting a thorough assessment of the Sudanese criminal procedures aimed at identifying gaps and areas of intervention to improve the capacity of the country’s criminal justice system to effectively prosecute cases of trafficking in persons.  

The workshop was designed and facilitated by IOM Sudan’s international expert on Anti-trafficking, Phil Marshall, and co-facilitated by national legal experts, Professors M. Abdelsalam Babiker, Rifaat Maqqawi, and Omer Saad, who brought with them their extensive national legal and psychosocial expertise. Members of the National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking (NCCT) as well as from UN Agencies joined the workshop and contributed to the discussion among the working groups.

The Dean of the Sudanese Judicial and Legal Science Institute, Dr. Sawsan Shendi while thanking IOM Sudan stated that “it has been very useful for judges, prosecutors and legal practitioners to exchange their experiences on combatting human trafficking. The workshop will raise a lot of issues to be taken into consideration for the development of the curriculum for a comprehensive training program

IOM Sudan’s Chief Mission, Mr. Mario Lito Malanca, added that We are grateful to the Judicial and Legal Science Institute for its proactive collaboration and substantial contribution to the design and implementation of this highly participative exercise. The result of this joint effort is highly contextualized and the curriculum produced by rule of law representatives will help inform the capacity development process of the Sudanese Criminal Justice System on counter- trafficking.”

The development of the curriculum will be complemented with the elaboration of training materials targeting legal practitioners. Namely, a handbook on the Anti-Trafficking Law with guidelines for the assistance and protection of victims of trafficking is currently being drafted. As such, both documents will be further validated during the delivery of future planned trainings for judges and prosecutors.

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