Rapid Response Fund (RRF) awards Sudanese Development Call Organization (NIDAA) $82,973 for Protection Assistance in East Jebel Marra

Monday, March 19, 2018


IOM, the UN Migration Agency, through its Rapid Response Fund (RRF) funded by USAID/OFDA, has awarded a sub-grant of $82,973.15 to the national NGO Sudanese Development Call Organization (NIDAA) to provide protection assistance to 4,280 internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Leiba village in East Jebel Marra locality, South Darfur state, Sudan.

East Jebel Marra has in the recent past been engulfed in constant conflicts and inter-tribal fighting triggered by competition over scarce resources, mainly water and pasture, resulting in mass displacement of people. Following the eruption of clashes in January 2016, over 29,000 people were internally displaced from Jebel Marra locality to Kass, Mershing, Manawashei, Otash and El Malam IDP camps and other gathering sites within South Darfur state, according to an inter-agency assessment report conducted in September 2017 by UN Agencies and other humanitarian partners in Sudan.

The aforementioned report noted that there is little or no access to basic services in East Jebel Marra’s Leiba village, such as social protection, water, sanitation and hygiene, health, shelter, as well as non-food items. The lack of these basic services, coupled with years of inaccessibility by humanitarian actors due to insecurity, has put women, particularly girls, at risk of being subjects to gender based violence (GBV), resulting in trauma.

Through the implementation of this RRF sub-grant, NIDAA’s protection project will aim to restore people’s dignity through mitigating protection risks for women and children who are members of the displaced and other affected populations in Leiba village. The project will also ensure that risks of GBV are reduced through improved community-based protection mechanisms and self-help support. The intervention will support the establishment of a child-friendly space and women’s safe space center in Leiba; organization of awareness raising sessions on Mine Risk Education (MRE), GBV, and nutrition for young mothers and infants; distribution of 1,300 dignity kits; as well as a variety of other community-based protection activities.

The RRF is a unique advanced emergency funding mechanism, which provides grants to National and International NGOs for critical life-saving interventions in the immediate aftermath of a natural or man-made disaster. The RRF selects each of its projects through close consultation and coordination with each respective Sector Lead, USAID/OFDA, and the Government of Sudan’s (GoS) Federal Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC). RRF’s local partner, NIDAA, has been an active member of the Protection Sector since 2011, and has conducted protection projects since its establishment in 1998 targeting children, youth, women, in addition to members of conflict-affected communities in all states of Sudan.                          

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