The United Kingdom Signs a New Agreement with IOM to Support Sudan’s Criminal Justice System in Addressing Human Trafficking

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The United Kingdom and the International Organization for Migration signed an agreement to support the Government of Sudan in continuing to develop initiatives that address human trafficking in the country. With funding from the UK, IOM Sudan will work with Sudan’s Ministry of Justice and the Judiciary to enhance the capacity of the criminal justice system by strengthening the investigation and prosecution of perpetrators, while providing a better understanding of the 2014 Anti-Trafficking legal framework to improve institutional coordination on the issue.

The 9 month nationwide Project aims to create an understanding of the Anti-Trafficking Act as well as the utilization of the new law to increase efforts to investigate suspected human trafficking cases, prosecute and provide appropriate sentencing for trafficking offences, and provide justice and protection to victims of the crime. Most importantly, this Project will address the need to streamline the new law with the preexisting penal codes under which cases of trafficking have been tried.

The main GoS implementation partners for this Project are the Ministry of Justice, the Judiciary, the Office of the General Prosecutor, the National Committee to Combat Trafficking, other members of the criminal justice system and the Ministry of Interior.

In the Signing ceremony held this week, H.E Ambassador Michael Aron stated: "Addressing irregular migration issues and especially the heinous crime of human trafficking is our shared responsibility. We welcome the steps the Government of Sudan has taken in passing the Anti-Trafficking law and establishing the National Committee to Combat Trafficking, and hope that by the UK’s contribution, in partnership with the IOM, we can support their efforts to tackle the challenges of trafficking and smuggling."

IOM Sudan’s Chief of Mission, Mr. Mario Lito Malanca expressed his appreciation for this partnership and stated that "IOM’s goal is to provide technical support to the Criminal Justice System in Sudan to operationalize the 2014 Anti-Trafficking Act to prosecute suspected human traffickers. IOM hopes to continue working with the Government of Sudan and United Kingdom on migration management in the country, especially in addressing human trafficking and smuggling."