IOM Sudan's EU funded Cross Border Peace and Cooperation Project

In February 2015, IOM Sudan launched its European Union funded Project on Cross Border Peace and Cooperation (CBPC) which provided local infrastructure and empowerment within pastoralist and sedentary communities in South and East Darfur; especially in border areas with South Sudan.

This 2 ½ year project, which ended in August 2017 has made many notable achievements with over 42 activities implemented, touching the lives of more than 42,000 community members using an enhanced value for money approach with a total budget of 2 million Euros. This was done through improving community infrastructure (e.g. health clinics, schools, markets) as well as productive assets such as water sources that sustain social stability and strengthen communities to promote co-existence. Throughout it’s duration, the project helped communities to improve their sources of income through trainings such as gum arabic production, honey production and running small businesses. The project also contributed to improving the capacities of State and local authorities in mitigating conflict within the communities.

This video outlines some of the activities implemented under the project and is heavily focused on the voices of community members and local authorities who were an integral part of it. The video also captures how the project corresponds with the national developmental policies of Sudan; and emphasizes the use of existing local community structures in contributing to positive social change. The CBPC project, with its varied successes and lessons learned  highlights the possibilities for replication of such interventions in similar contexts. IOM Sudan would like to take this opportunity to thank the EU for its generous funding support; the local authorities in East and South Darfur and the Government of Sudan, Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, Humanitarian Aid Commission and National Civil Society Partners, El Radoom Charitable Organization and Global Aid Hand for facilitating the implementation of this important project.