Supporting Units

Project Development Unit (PDU)

The project Development Unit (PDU) is a bridge between the Programme coordinators, the Office of the Chief of Mission, Regional Office, IOM Head Quarters and Donors. PDU’s main focus is on capacity building efforts within the mission especially collaborating with programme coordinators and providing assistance in drafting and reviewing programme concept notes, proposals and reports; to ensure they are properly written according to IOM and Donor formats and submitted in a timely manner. At its core, the Unit supports the capture, storing  and sharing of vital information – as part of the larger information management system including providing programmatic overviews, work plans,  and overall project and reporting updates and tracking for the Mission. The PDU team also develops general IOM Reports such as the Annual Report and Humanitarian Summary on behalf of the Mission and contributes to policy formation and strategic thinking on humanitarian and development issues surrounding migration. PDU Liaises with IOM field colleagues, implementing partners, and Donors on ongoing projects, relevant migration management issues, tools, initiatives and  potential programme areas including providing information on needs assessment, best practices, lessons learnt and project sustainability.

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Information Management & Geographic Information Unit (IMU)

IMU supports DTM (Displacement Tracking Matrix) programs in Sudan including Tracking of Returnees in the Darfur and Kordofan regions, Registration and Verification of IDPs in Darfur, West and South Kordofan, and Blue Nile. Information processed by IMU facilitates humanitarian assistance to partners and is shared with both partners and donors. GIS unit within IMU supports IOM programs/activities throughout Sudan by extracting reporting maps for the programs along with Info-Graphs.

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Resource Management Unit (RMU)

The RMO unit is responsible and accountable for human resources and administrative functions of the IOM Sudan Mission and its six field offices. The unit includes four section: Finance, Human Resources, Logistics and Information Technology. Together these sections are responsible for staff hiring and personnel management; procurement, logistics and transportation services; budget, finance, accounting and treasury services; and IT hardware, software and networking capabilities to support IOM Sudan offices in Khartoum and the field.

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