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  • IOM Sudan Holds its Second Media and Migration Forum with 29 Sudanese Media Professionals

    A total of 29 Sudanese journalists, bloggers, and radio and TV presenters gathered to attend IOM Sudan’s second quarterly media forum this week. This quarter’s forum included an extensive roundtable discussion with IOM Sudan’s Chief of Mission, training on ethical journalistic reporting, a social media training and a tour of the organization’s Operations and Movement Management Unit.

  • IOM trains 20 Senior Immigration Officers on Border Management in Khartoum

    20 senior officers from the Sudanese General Directorate of Passports and Immigration today completed a five-day advanced course in border management concepts and techniques.

    Participants were briefed on: regional and global migration trends; the Sudanese legal framework; international migration law; trafficking and smuggling; the threats posed by cross border crime and terrorism and electronic border management systems.

  • Temporary mobile clinic provides health assistance to over 4,500 vulnerable IDPs and returnees in West Darfur.

    In response to urgent health needs in West Darfur's Muli village and other nearby villages, IOM, in co-ordination with the State Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization (WHO) have been running a temporary mobile clinic delivering lifesaving health interventions reaching 4,855 vulnerable IDPs and returnees. (2330 females, 2525 males of which 1356 were under 5 years old)

  • Regional Impact of South Sudan Crisis Growing as Civilians Flee Insecurity

    South Sudan - Nearly three years after conflict erupted in South Sudan, the regional impact of the crisis is rising alarmingly as the number of South Sudanese crossing international borders in search of safety grows each day.

    In Sudan’s East Darfur, South Darfur, West Kordofan and South Kordofan states, IOM is providing water, sanitation and hygiene assistance to refugees, as well as monitoring and registering new arrivals through the Displacement Tracking Matrix. IOM also is establishing a mobile clinic to improve access to lifesaving health care for more than 4,200 refugees, as well as host community members, in East Darfur.

  • IOM Sudan Chief of Mission Remarks on the Positive Impact of Becoming a UN Related Organization

    The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) approved a resolution and formal agreement signed at the last UNGA’s September 19 High Level Meeting on Refugees and Migrants between UN Secretary  General Ban-Ki Moon and IOM Director General William Lacy Swing confirming IOM becoming a related agency of the United Nations System. This is an important milestone in the history of migration, as well as a turning point in the relationship between IOM and the United Nations. This is the first time Heads of States have come together to address migration and refugee issues.

    The key question now is how IOM’s new status in the United Nations System will affect the Organization, migrants and our member states. The ultimate answer lies in how the IOM Administration manages the transition. In Council Resolution No. 1309 of 24 November 2015, we undertook a number of commitments related to maintaining the essential characteristics of the Organization which had been identified by the Member States. These essential characteristics include independence, flexibility, cost-effectiveness and responsiveness.


Voices from Sudan

Shagra an RRF beneficiary

Sharga a 65 old woman living in Kutum Town, North Darfur State, is the main breadwinner before displacment, with her blind husband and 8 children who strrugled to support themselves before a armed conflict destroyed their village and she lost all her work materials.

Ermias a migrant waiting to get resettled to Canada

Four years ago, I walked for 5 days from Eritrea to kassala, East Sudan. It took me this long because I wasn't sure of the way, Now am exicted that my application to resettle in canada is underway.

Migrant Resource and Response Centre in Sudan

Juumia and her four children were among a group of Nigerians referred to IOM by their embassy in Khartoum for assisted return. After 9 months hand to mouth survival, she was referred for assistance in returning back to Nigeria.

Issues in focus

Rapid Response Fund

The Rapid Response Fund (RRF) is a funding mechanism supported by USAID/OFDA to provide swift response to emerging critical needs of vulnerable, newly displaced people.

Assistance to Migrants through MRRC

The newly opened Migrant Resource and Response Center (MRRC) in Khartoum on the 15th of December, first of its kind in Sudan, provides migrants with medical assistance, counselling, information on the risks of irregular migration, and facilitates assisted voluntary return and reintegration to countries of origin.

South Sudanese Response

The conflict that erupted in South Sudan in December 2013 has continued throughout 2015 and 2016, forcing 198,707 (UNHCR) South Sudanese to flee into Sudan, both increasing the vulnerable mobile population and further straining existing resources in both the Kordofan and Darfur Regions.