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  • IOM enhances social cohesion among returnees and host communities in Al Qoz locality, South Kordofan State

    IOM supported the establishment of a community greenhouse that will benefit an estimated 3,000 members in the community of Al Debeibat, in Al Qoz locality in South Kordofan. The area had witnessed an influx of returnees in 2011, when communities that had followed their cattle near Kadugli returned to their areas of origin after conflict erupted. The intervention will both enhance the nutritional and food security profile of local communities, and provide them with an opportunity for income generation through sale of seedlings, products and fertilizers in local markets.


  • 245,000 USD for Emergency WASH Assistance to over 62,000 new Sudanese returnees from Chad to Central Darfur

    With the funding support of USAID/OFDA, and managed by International Organization for Migration (IOM), the Rapid Response Fund (RRF), has allocated a new grant of $245,092.15 USD to Triangle Génération Humanitaire (TGH), to provide emergency Water and Sanitation Health Services assistance to 62,662 vulnerable and underserved new Sudanese returnees from Chad to Um Dukhun locality in Central Darfur.

  • IOM Sudan’s Holds its First Quarterly Media Forum

    Under the theme of Media and Migration in Sudan, IOM hosted its first quarterly media forum on May 10th-11th 2016 at its offices in Khartoum. A total of 29 media professionals participated in the forum including TV, radio, internet and print media and were given a chance to discuss issues related to migration in Sudan and globally. IOM Sudan and Cairo offices presented an overview of the organization as well as an outline of key terminologies and language use. The session on Ethical Reporting for Journalists was facilitated by Mr. Faisal Mohammed Salih, a renowned and respected Sudanese journalist and media trainer with over 25 years media experience.


  • IOM Invited to Address Sudan National Assembly Hearing Session on Migration

    IOM has addressed a Sudan National Assembly hearing on migration and refugees at the invitation of the Assembly’s Committee on External Affairs and International Cooperation, in coordination with the Defense and Security, Justice and Legislation, and Human Rights Committees. The invitation, from Chairman of the National Assembly Professor Ibrahim Mohamed Omer, was the first of its kind since IOM opened an office in the country in 2000. Sudan became an IOM Member State in 1998.


  • Sixty men and forty women from El Roseiris locality improve their fishing skills in Blue Nile State

    The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has supported training of sixty men and forty women from Ganes, El Roseiris locality in Blue Nile State on how to conduct successful fishing trips in compliance with fishing regulations, as well as on how to pack fishery products. The first training, held from 17 to 22 February 2016, was delivered by the Fisheries Department of the State Ministry of Agriculture and will contribute to creating income generating opportunities in the fishing sector. Forty women from Shanisha also received training from 21 to 29 February 2016 on food processing skills, including making salted fish, smoked fish as well as preservation and packing techniques.


Voices from Sudan

Emergency Health assistance to 100,000 in West Darfur

"All the children are well and play like the way they used to do before they fell sick." Thanks to USAID/OFDA, the Rapid Response Fund (RRF) managed by IOM, provides emergency health assistance in West Darfur State.

Zakia a beneficiary of Zamzam Women’s Training Center

Zakia is 18, She is the only one to earn income in the household. “Through the Women’s Center in Zamzam fully operating, I will be able to sell my products directly and will gain for all the profit”.

Migrant Resource and Response Centre in Sudan

Juumia and her four children were among a group of Nigerians referred to IOM by their embassy in Khartoum for assisted return. After 9 months hand to mouth survival, she was referred for assistance in returning back to Nigeria.

Issues in focus

Rapid Response Fund

The Rapid Response Fund (RRF) is a funding mechanism supported by USAID/OFDA to provide swift response to emerging critical needs of vulnerable, newly displaced people.

Assistance to Migrants through MRRC

The newly opened Migrant Resource and Response Center (MRRC) in Khartoum on the 15th of December, first of its kind in Sudan, provides migrants with medical assistance, counselling, information on the risks of irregular migration, and facilitates assisted voluntary return and reintegration to countries of origin.

South Sudanese Response

The Conflict that erupted in South Sudan in Decemeber 2013 has contintued throughtout 2015, forcing 198,707 (UNHCR) South Sudanese to flee into Sudan, both increasing the vulnerable mobile population and further straining existing resources.


Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM)

Having an accurate and timely source of displacement data not only ensures that urgent assistance finds its way to IDPs and affected populations in need, it also informs the strategic allocation of limited resources. In Sudan, the strength of DTM is in its ability to verify new displaced populations within the context of a protracted crisis. In particular, biometric verification of IDPs provides stakeholders with updated information about a camp or site populations and their vulnerabilities as well as identification of new vs. old caseloads.