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South Sudanese waiting registration at Kordofan areas


Ezibish_Direct Assistance - Wheelchair for Vulnerable case


IOM Sudan’s Rapid Response Fund (RRF) is a funding mechanism supported by USAID/OFDA to provide swift response to emerging critical needs of vulnerable, newly displaced people. Triangle Generation Humanitaire (TGH) appealed to IOM’s RRF program to address the emergency needs of those newly displaced in Ammar Jaded, Central Darfur.



IOM Migration Management provided several programs through an outreach programme and tailored assistance to individual migrants to improve well-being especially vulnerable migrants who needed counselling and direct assistance. IOM Sudan also works to address the needs of migrants in detention and where feasible, facilitates their voluntary return to countries of origin. 


Voices from Sudan

Ahmed's Journey to All Abbasi Camp 

Al Abbasi is a small camp on the outskirts of Mallit town, North Darfur.The camp currently houses IDPs and returnees, providing them with necessary services such as food, water and shelter. IOM sudan's Displacement Tracking Matrix(DTM) team travelled to Al Abbasi camp to conduct a biometric verification execrise of 11,783 individuals. (3,016 families) currently residing in Al Abbasi B area.

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Khadiga Adam Omer - From a home to a camp:Life as an IDP

Khadiga Adam Omer, 45 year old female from East Jabal Marra, Karkor village.Khadiga has 6 children, 2 girls and four boys whom she looks after with her husband. Before her displacement, Khadiga used to tend to the fields working as a farmer and looking after the family livestock, which provided their main daily income.

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Meriam - From Mellit in North Darfur: "Before this RRF project i had stopped dreaming,stopped hoping, stopped wishing for better. I stopped living."

Meriam is 40 years old, and living in Mellit (N. Darfur) with her supportive husband and 4 children; they have 3 girls and one boy all under the age of 15 years old, with the youngest at 7. The area is constantly plagued with insecurity, and tribal conflicts break out numerous times a year. 

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