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Voices from Sudan

Shagra an RRF beneficiary

Sharga a 65 old woman living in Kutum Town, North Darfur State, is the main breadwinner before displacment, with her blind husband and 8 children who strrugled to support themselves before a armed conflict destroyed their village and she lost all her work materials.

Ermias a migrant waiting to get resettled to Canada

Four years ago, I walked for 5 days from Eritrea to kassala, East Sudan. It took me this long because I wasn't sure of the way, Now am exicted that my application to resettle in canada is underway.

Migrant Resource and Response Centre in Sudan

Juumia and her four children were among a group of Nigerians referred to IOM by their embassy in Khartoum for assisted return. After 9 months hand to mouth survival, she was referred for assistance in returning back to Nigeria.