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Voices from Sudan

From football star to begging on the streets of Khartoum

“The word dream is a big word…it is a word that means so much to every one of us. I dream of being a superstar, I know that I have talents and I want to show the world these talents.”

Home at last, Kawther a RRF beneficiary

"I still remember the day we fled to Chad... it was the peak of summer; April 2013. After the conflict we were in a new land with rules and i longed for home. The longing never left-- in Chad we were foreigners 

Ermias a migrant waiting to get resettled to Canada

Four years ago, I walked for 5 days from Eritrea to kassala, East Sudan. It took me this long because I wasn't sure of the way, Now am exicted that my application to resettle in canada is underway.