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  • The Government of Sudan Launches its First National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking

    Under the Auspices of the First Vice President and Prime Minister of Sudan and the supervision of the Minister of Justice, the second phase of the Sudan National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking was launched. With generous funding from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, this is the first national anti-trafficking plan to officially be endorsed by the Government of Sudan.

  • IOM Sudan Assists Thirty Five Eritrean Refugee Families to Resettle to Italy

    On September 28th, ninety seven Eritrean refugees, consisting of thirty five families (60 males, 37 females and 18 children) departed from Khartoum International Airport to Rome Airport in Italy on a charter flight organized by IOM. Following their arrival to Rome, the refugees were escorted on domestic commercial flights to Catania (69) and Brindisi (28).

  • IOM Sudan Supports the First Training on a New Judicial Curriculum for Investigating and Prosecuting Trafficking in Persons

    On 17th September, 15 judges, lawyers and police officers attended a 5-day training on Investigating and Prosecuting Trafficking in Persons at the Sudan Judicial and Legal Science Institute. The trainers included senior members of the Sudan Criminal Justice System, from the Judiciary, Criminal Prosecution Services and the Police Force. The trainers previously participated in a 10-day Training of Trainers Workshop held in July and were also involved in developing the curriculum during a Curriculum Development Workshop in May 2017. This training is part of a set of learning activities and workshops that started in June 2017 and aim to develop the participants’ capacities in investigating and prosecuting human trafficking cases more effectively. This joint venture between IOM and the Sudan Judicial and Legal Science Institute is part of the United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s funded ‘Strengthening the Capacity of the Criminal Justice System in Sudan to Address Human Trafficking’ Project.

  • IOM Sudan Helps 170 Stranded Sudanese Migrants to Voluntarily Return from Libya

    IOM facilitated a charter flight from Tripoli to Khartoum International Airport for 170 stranded Sudanese migrants who voluntarily requested to return to their home, Sudan.  The return was facilitated by IOM’s Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVRR) programme, which provides durable solutions for stranded migrants, migrants in an irregular situation, victims of trafficking, and unsuccessful asylum seekers worldwide. This group is the largest of its kind since IOM Sudan started its AVRR programming in 2005.

  • IOM and Government of Sudan Delegation Visit Tanzania to Discuss the Modernization of Border Management Systems and Practices

    Two delegations from the Government of Sudan completed a four day visit to Tanzania on 24th August 2017 to exchange best practice on the management of migration and to discuss technical options for modernizing migration management in Sudan. The delegation, led by Lieutenant General Awad El Dahiya, the head of the Sudanese Passport and Civil Registration Corporation visited Dar el Salaam and met officials from the Tanzania Ministry of Home Affairs, The International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Identity Authorities Operational Data Centre.

Voices from Sudan

Addressing Acute Watery Diarrhea in South Kordofan

Teia and his family were living in Safya, a village in South Kordofan, with little access to basic services such as medicine, food or safe water. When his two-year-old daughter died from acute malnutrition due to the harsh living conditions, Teia decided that it was time to find a better place to raise his eight children, five girls and three boys.

Finding Peace and a Place to Talk- the Story of a Victim of Trafficking

“When organizations try to help people like us, they think that all we need is food and shelter, but what I found in the MRRC is a place to talk. A place where I can finally tell someone about the terrible things I have been through,” stated Aster when asked what she thought of the services provided by the IOM Migrant Resource and Response Center in Khartoum, Sudan.

From football star to begging on the streets of Khartoum

“The word dream is a big word…it is a word that means so much to every one of us. I dream of being a superstar, I know that I have talents and I want to show the world these talents.” Christen dreams of becoming an international football player.  Originally from Nigeria, the 24 year old travelled to South America and Europe as part of a Nigerian football team.