Displacement Tracking Matrix

The Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) is an integrated suite of tools used to track and monitor the movement of displaced populations as well as the conditions in which they are living. By collecting, analyzing, mapping and disseminating this vital baseline data and information in Sudan, DTM enables timely identification of vulnerable populations and their needs, thus strengthening the coordinated efforts of all humanitarian actors. DTM captures the movement and trends of a constantly shifting population, providing ongoing and up-to-date information and increasing the frequency of updates during new crises.

For example in 2014, DTM identified 54% of reported IDPs as ‘old caseload’ IDPs or urban poor who were referred for livelihood restoration assistance rather than emergency.

The DTM has several components and has the flexibility to adapt based on the requirements and identified opportunities. For further information on these components please see the DTM rationale                      

  DTM Fact Sheets, Dashoboards and Maps:

   For more information, please contact: Information Management Unit