Procurement Opportunities


        Invitation to Bid (ITB) Ref. No.                             Category      End Date       status  

Addressing the Humanitarian development Nexus in West Kordofan

ITB/LOG/KRT/OCT2018/002   Services   17 oct, 2018   open  

Support of vulnerable communities through hygiene and sanitation tainings (inclusive of hygiene campaigns) and livelihood interventions in West and Central Darfur

ITB/LOG/KRT/OCT2018/001   Services   14 oct, 2018   closed  

Enhancing and supporting agricultural and income generating activities in El Mugadama town, West Kordofan

ITB/LOG/KRT/SEP2018/006   Services   4 oct, 2018   closed  

Launch of Tender in South Darfur: Construction and upgrading of Water supply facilities in Buram and El Fifi 

ITB/LOG/KRT/SEP2018/005   Services       closed  

Launch of Tender in South Darfur : Sanitation activates in Buram and El Fifi

ITB/LOG/KRT/SEP2018/005   Services   23 Sept ,2018   closed  

Launch of Tender in South Darfur : Hygiene activites in Buram and El Radoom 

ITB/LOG/KRT/SEP2018/004   Services   23 Sept ,2018   closed  

Launch of Tender, Rehabilitation of Water supply facilities and rehabilitation of Education and Health facilities in El Fasher rural

ITB/LOG/KRT/SEP2018/003   Services   20 Sept ,2018   closed  

Launch of Tender, Gedaref State -  Rehabilitation works for the hospitals of El Girba (Kassala) and El Shwak (Gedaref)

ITB/LOG/KRT/SEP2018/002   Services   11 Sept ,2018   closed  

Launch of Tender, Red Sea State - Construction of an irrigation farm with irrigation system

ITB/LOG/KRT/SEP2018/001   Services   11 Sept ,2018   closed  

IOM Call for proposals- Livelihoods and health intervention in El Fasher ND

ITB/LOG/KRT/Aug2018/001   Services  


26, August,2018



Upgrading 5 hand pumps into solar powered mini water yard

IFB No.:(LOG/KRT/July2018/001)   Services   12 July,2018   closed  

 Delivery of Teacher Training Course

IFB No.:​(LOG/KRT/April2018/010)   Services   6 May, 2018   closed  

 Request for Quotation of ES/NFI in Nyala and General instructions to suppliers

IFB No.: (LOG/KRT/SD/Jan/2018/001) & (LOG/KRT/SD/Jan/2018/002) Nyala   Goods    8 Feb, 2018       closed  

Bidding document for Vehicle rental


IFB No.: (LOG/KRT/SD/06/Dec/2017) PortSudan, IFB No.: (LOG/KRT/SD/05/Dec/2017) Al Foula, IFB No.: (LOG/KRT/SD/04/Dec/2017) Kadugli, IFB No: (LOG/KRT/SD/03/Dec/2017) El-Geneina, IFB No.:(LOG/KRT/SD/02/Dec/2017) Nyala, IFB No.: (LOG/KRT/SD/01/Dec/2017) El-Fasher

  Services   05 Jan, 2018   closed    

Technical Firm for Tracking and Monitoring of Sudanese  Media Coverage of Migration


  Services   30 Nov, 2017   closed  

 Request for Quotation for Supply of Nonfood Items


 LOG/KRT/JULY17/24   Goods   10 Aug, 2017   closed  


LOG/KRT/JULY17/22   Goods   10 Aug, 2017   closed  


LOG/KRT/JULY17/20   Goods   10 Aug,2017   closed  


LOG/KRT/JULY17/21   Goods   10 Aug, 2017   closed  


 LOG/KRT/JULY17/23   Goods   10 Aug, 2017   closed  

Design and implementation of a bilingual multi      media campaign

 SD/17/APR/003   Services   5 Jun, 2017   closed  

Technical Firm for Tracking and Monitoring of Sudanese   Media Coverage of Migration


  Services   30 Apr, 2017   closed