Joint Conflict Reduction Programme (JCRP)

The Joint Conflict Reduction Program (JCRP) was initiated to strengthen government and civil society initiatives that promote social cohesion, peace consolidation and pluralism, and address community level conflicts contributing to long-term conflict resolution and peace building in three areas, South and West Kordofan, Blue Nile State and Abyei area. Conflict in these areas is due to a variety of sources, including competition over access to natural resources such as water and land, farm and State boundaries, presence of Internally Displaced People (IDPs) and others.

The first phase of the JCRP ran from May 2012 to March 2014, and resulted in the successful continuation of the project Phase II from March 2014 to February 2016. Through consultation with local communities and in support of signed Reconciliation Agreements, peace dividends were delivered in the areas of WASH and Basic Infrastructure. In addition to this, capacity of national Civil Society Organizations on peacebuilding was strengthened and 25 CSO projects were implemented, including training and awareness on conflict transformation as well as WASH and livelihood activities.

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