Press Release —Local June 20, 2017

Promoting Social Cohesion and Peace through Theater in East and South Darfur

IOM Sudan as part of the Cross Border Peace and Cooperation (CBPC) Project funded by the European Union conducted six mobile theatrical drama performances in six localities in South and East Darfur complementing other sustainable interventions implemented ranging from provision of basic infrastructure, livelihoods assistance to capacity building of state and local authorities in conflict prevention . These plays aim to contribute to the development of the region through spreading awareness on community stabilization and peaceful coexistence amongst communities in South and East Darfur States, in areas at the border with South Sudan.

The plays were modified to the local language and context appealing to the wider audience through performing in public spaces such as markets and schools, entertaining communities while printing the notion of long-lasting peace in the minds of women children and men.

People in Darfur represent a multitude of ethnic and linguistic groups in Sudan. These diverse groups are dispersed among each other and share similar physical and cultural characteristics. A long history of internal migration, mixing, and intermarriage in Darfur have created remarkable ethnic fluidity. This diversity has created rich cross border interdependent relationships (Sudan and South Sudan) traditionally facilitated by trade and commerce yet has also over the years – in addition to the combination of environmental , political and economic factors- through competition over shrinking resources created inter-communal disputes, intertribal clashes and conflicts between pastoralists and farmers.