Press Release —Local October 02, 2016

Reproductive Health Training to 80 Medical and Para-Medical Personnel in Nyala, South Darfur

25th September 2016- Working closely with the State Ministry of Health, IOM conducted a refresher 12 day training course for 40 midwives from IOM’s EL Sereif Clinic and other health facilities all over South Darfur. Additionally, organized by IOM in coordination with SMOH, 40 medical doctors and assistants from health facilities across South Darfur were trained for four days on Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). This training included orientation on updated treatment protocols in STIs and management of HIV (including counselling).

These trainings come in response to South Darfur having less than 50% of births assisted by a skilled attendant. Many factors contribute to this including limited access to maternal care, lack of awareness on good reproductive health (such as education about risks in child labor) and shortages of skilled midwives. This has led to maternal morbidity and mortality continuing to be a great concern.

IDP camps in Darfur states also have a 0.22% higher HIV prevalence than urban populations across Sudan. In order to adequately tackle this issue, medical staff need to be able to provide information and care (taking into account the cultural context) to the communities that they are serving. Both trainings are done in partnership with the SMOH and the generous funding of CHF and the Government of Canada.