Rapid Response Fund

Through the support of USAID/OFDA, IOM established the Rapid Response Fund (RRF Sudan) in 2013, to enable immediate humanitarian response to natural and man-made disasters in Sudan. The RRF Sudan provides a streamlined and flexible grant application and disbursement process to internationally and nationally registered humanitarian organizations, that allows the implementation of life-saving humanitarian responses following sudden emergencies. Maintaining a high degree of flexibility in order to adapt responses to volatile situations, IOM, in collaboration with OFDA, supports emergency relief activities in the following 6 sectors:

  • Provision of Non Food Items  
  • Emergency Shelter and Settlement
  • Emergency humanitarian coordination and Information management
  • Emergency Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
  • Emergency Health
  • Protection

RRF Photobook 2013 till 2016 download here

For RRF Application proposals download:

       RRF Sudan narrative Proposal Template  along with Guidelines for the Rapid Response Fund  &  RRF Sudan budget template 

RRF 2017, 2016 and 2015 Stories:


"During our laborious journey, we could not take anything with us, we had food and water for only two days, so we drank from unsafe water sources and we did not have enough food for days"

  "The village had been destroyed in the 3 years since i had been away. i thought we would find our home, no homes, no wells, no farms, but there was not even a stone standing in it's place"  

Nada Elazhar Organization for Disaster Prevention & Sustainable Development (NADA) received a grant to implement a protection project in Kutum locality, North Darfur State to support vulnerable Women


Kobra, a single mother who was displaced to Tawila IDP camp in North Darfur and received RRF WASH support between March-June 2016



Halima who was displaced to Kutum, where she learnt more about protection through an RRF project that was implemented between March-July 2016





"There was not enough space (in the refuge) so the men would sleep outside covering their heads with a plastic sheet. The women and children would stand inside the whole night waiting for the rain to stop", Blue Nile-March 2016




  100,000 provided with emergency health assistance in West Darfur-April 2016  

 "Before this project I had stopped dreaming, stopped hoping, stopped wishing for better. I stopped living.” USAID/OFDA and IOM restore hope in North Darfur, Sudan-September 2015



“We now have clean, safe water running all throughout our village” King Jaffer Abu Dam village, North Darfur-August 2015




29,000 vulnerable people in Ammar Jaded, Central Darfur now have access to safe drinking water and over 1,150 emergency latrines-July 2015   




For more information, please contact Rapid Response Fund for Sudan or Taha Khalid at tkhalid@iom.int