The Temporary Return of Qualified Nationals (TRQN) is an IOM Programme to link Diaspora with development in their countries of origin. TRQN is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands Government. The programme contributes to the development and implementation of national development policies and strategies by engaging their communities abroad in improving the capacity of the government, as well as non-governmental institutions, through providing necessary trainings to improve their skills. Sudan is one of the nine countries selected to benefit from this programme.

In Sudan, TRQN began in phases;

  • TRQN I ran from 2006-2008, with 39 assignments.     
  • TRQN II ran from 2008-2012 with 68 assignments.
  • TRQN III launched March 2014-2016 with 47 assignments.

Initially, TRQN III project  was to end in November 2015; however, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands granted an extension for 4 more months which ended in March 2016.  By March 2016, 47 assignments were completed by resource persons at government and non-government institutions in 5 states: Khartoum, Gedaref, Nile River, Kassala, and Dongola. Some of the assignments implemented covered the main sectors including: Water, Education, Health and others focusing on proposal writing, fundraising, ethical research, corporate governance, combating trafficking and smuggling, youth leadership, the establishment of project management office, Adobe Audition, to archive the heritage of the national Theatre, sonography, media and journalism, and training of the visually impaired on pottery making for varied institutions such as the National Center for Research, Commission of Refugee, Ministry of Justice, Companies Registration, Secretariat of Sudanese Working Abroad, Ministry of Infrastructure, Africa City for Technology, National Rehabilitation Center for the Blind, The National Theatre, Faisal Cultural Center, and different NGOs.

Contact information

For more information, please contact: National Migration Officer Hawazin SATTI